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County Sirens

This page is intended to keep you updated on the warning sirens throughout Fairfield County.  There are currently 41 sirens operating within the county. Some of these sirens are controlled by the Lancaster City Dispatch, and others are controlled by the Fairfield County Sheriff's Dispatch.

In order to ensure that the warning sirens will work during an actual emergency, all sirens are tested every Wednesday at 12 noon.  The tests are activated by the Fairfield County Sheriff's Dispatch Center. If you do not hear a siren that you normally hear during these tests, please let us know as your feedback will help us ensure the system is operating properly.  Call the EMA office at 740-654-4357 or send an e-mail to

During the past we have worked to recondition 28 used sirens procured from Lake County. The sirens received a complete overhaul with all new electronic components, motors, wiring and communications. 24 of the 28 sirens were saved and have been installed throughout the county, at less than half the cost new sirens would have been.

The siren project has been a joint effort and the upgrade cost was shared by the County Commissioners and the jurisdictions receiving the sirens.  South Central Power Company provided outstanding support by installing the sirens free of charge and contributing all the telephone poles, crews, equipment and materials. Also, if the poles are set in their coverage area the electric is not metered and therefore free.

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County Siren Coverage Map: