The Emergency Managment Agency is a response agency here to serve the Jursidictional Leaders throughout Fairfield County in the time of a disaster or emergency.  The EMA acts as the liasion between local and state agencies to fill unmet needs of the local community's response.  The Emergency Operations Center is able to create a countywide response to large-scale emergency situations that will require a large or long term response.  


Speical Operations Team Hazmat infographic

Special Operations Team Water Rescue infographic

Hazmat Team Logo
The Special Operations Team consists of 2 different response teams. The Hazmat team - responds to hazardous material spills or releases. The Water Rescue Team responds to emergencies in open water including evidence retrieval.  Both teams consist of volunteers from Fairfield and surrouding counties' fire departments.   

Hazmat Team Logo

To apply to be a part of one of our teams, please download the applications here.  Special Operations Team Application 




Questions on reporting a hazardous spill or release, please see the spills page here: SPILLS!